Outdoor Recreation Planner – BLM Direct – Moreno Valley, CA

Position Type: BLM Direct Hire (DHA) 11 week internship

Open until: March 14, 2018

Wage: 13.50

Location: Moreno Valley, CA

Start Date:  June 3, 2018

End Date:  August 18, 2018

Related Degrees: Biology Sciences, Environmental Science, Ecology, Natural Resource Management, Wilderness

Position Description: The Californian deserts are fragile ecosystems and over the last two decades, the BLM and our partners have dedicated substantial resources to restoration efforts within the California Desert District (CDD). The CDD is committed to evaluating the effectiveness of these past ecological restoration efforts to distil lessons learned, best management practices, and determine the most efficient use of limited restoration funding. The first step in evaluating the effectiveness of these efforts has to be the consolidation of two decades of data into a single functioning database from restoration across almost 11 million acres spanning five field offices: Barstow, El Centro, Needles, Palm Springs and Ridgecrest. Last year the CDD used the DHA-RAI program to kick start a massive effort to consolidate two decades of restoration data from within the CDD’s 72 wilderness area, 3.8 million acres, which have hosted restoration projects. This year the BLM is proposing to expand this analysis to the California Desert National Conservation Lands (CDNCLs). Afterwards the next step will be to implement the restoration effectiveness protocol that the CDD developed in conjunction with Jim Wiegand the state ecologist. Knowledge gained will be use to inform decisions for more efficient desert restoration over the next decade. Objective field data will document the effectiveness of CDD restoration projects and their cumulative achievements and benefits. This proposed project is an essential component of adaptive management so future investments will yield greater success and benefits.



  1. Be at least 18 years old at the start of the project.
  2. Be a U.S. citizen (by birth or naturalization) or a U.S. legal permanent resident (a “green card” holder).
  3. Be enrolled in a related post-secondary educational program at an accredited institution of higher education, OR, have completed a post-secondary educational program at an accredited institution of higher education less than two years prior to the anticipated date by which the DHA would be used for obtaining federal employment. [Ideally, a candidate who has already completed their higher education studies would use the DHA to obtain federal employment immediately or shortly after the completion of the 11-week internship.]
  4. Meet the related skills/experience if listed for the specific opportunity to which one is applying.
  5. Be available for 11 weeks of continuous service.
  6. Be willing to fulfill all reporting requirements (bi-weekly reporting, final reporting, and follow-up reporting in the months after completing the program).
  7. Be willing to submit to a government security background clearance process.
  8. Have a strong interest in a career with the Bureau of Land Management (BLM).


Application Instructions:

  1. Submit a cover letter, resume, transcript(s) (unofficial are acceptable), and a letter of reference from a professional or educator to the contact below. Applications must be received by February 28, 2018. In your cover letter, please succinctly address why you are interested in the position, what skills and experience you have to offer, and your future career goals.
  2. The IIC Internship Application can be found on the IIC website: iicinternships.com underneath the apply today tab. Click on the PDF application and download the application file to your computer. DO NOT open it in your browser to edit. Open in Adobe Acrobat to edit.
  3. Email cover letter, resume, transcripts (unofficial), and the IIC Internship Application to the IIC Direct Hire Review Team at: iic@suu.edu.
  4. Applications accepted until February 28.
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