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ALL IIC INTERNSHIPS MUST BE TIED TO AN ACADEMIC CREDIT such as: Departmental internships, EDGE, Practicums, UNIV-2890, Etc.

Administration / Media / IT:

Administrative Support – BLM – Richfield
Digital Media  NPS Grand Canyon/Parashant National Monument
Digital Media Interpretation  NPS – Pipe Spring National Monument
Geographic Information System (GIS) – BLM – Cedar City
Lands and Realty – BLM – Richfield
Tribal Relations  USFS  Kaibab National Forest
Visual Information  NPS  Zion National Park

Archeology / Museum / History

Archaeologist – BLM  Cedar City
Archaeologist – BLM – Kanab
Archaeology Technician  USFS  Dixie National Forest (Cedar City)
Curatorial Resources  NPS – Pipe Spring National Monument
Paleontology Technician – BLM – Kanab

Conservation Crew:

CIC Crew Member – NPS  Cedar Breaks National Monument
Crew Leader – NPS – Bryce Canyon National Park
Crew Leader – IIC – Fredonia, AZ
Crew Leader – USFS – Escalante
Crew Leader – USFS – Panguitch


Engineering Technician – BLM – Cedar City
Engineering Technician – USFS  Dixie National Forest (Cedar City)


Cadastral Survey – BLM  Color Country District
Force Account – BLM – Cedar City
Maintenance/Facilities Management  NPS  Cedar Breaks National Monument
Maintenance Historic Structure – NPS – Pipe Spring National Monument
Maintenance – NPS  Pipe Spring National Monument
Trails / Laborer – NPS – Bryce Canyon National Park


Fire Effects Monitor  USFS  Dixie and Fish Lake National Forests
Forestry Technician  USFS  Fishlake National Forest (Loa, UT)
Lead Rangeland Management – BLM  Kanab
Range Technician – USFS – Dixie National Forest (Cedar City)
Range Technician – USFS – Fish Lake National Forest (Various Locations)
Range Technician  USFS  Kaibab National Forest
Rangeland Management – BLM  Kanab
Rangeland Management Technician – BLM – Kanab


Park Ranger  NPS  Grand Staircase National Monument /Escalante 
Recreation Monitoring Research Assistant – NPS  Bryce Canyon National Park
Recreation Technician – BLM  Kanab
Recreation Technician – BLM – Kanab
Recreation Technician – USFS – Fish Lake National Forest (Fillmore)

Visitor Services:

Greenhouse and Visitor Management  NPS  Zion National Park
Living History Interpretation – NPS  Pipe Spring National Monument
Public Affairs Intern – USFS  Kaibab National Forest
Spring Visitor Use Management – NPS  Zion National Park
Summer Visitor Use Management  NPS  Zion National Park
Visitor Services/Interpretation  USFS  Kaibab National Forest
Visitor Services/Interpretation – NPS   Lehman Caves/Great Basin National Park

Wildlife and Biology:

Biology Technician – NPS – Escalante National Monument
Fisheries Technician  USFS Fish Lake (Richfield)
Invasive Plant Survey – NPS  Parashant National Monument
Noxious Weed Technician – BLM – Cedar City
Wildlife Biology – BLM  Kanab 
Wildlife/Fuels Technician – BLM – Cedar City
Wildlife Technician – USFS – Dixie National Forest (Cedar City)
Wildlife/Vegetation Technician – USFS -Dixie National Forest (Cedar City)
Wildlife/Vegetation Technician – USFS – Fish Lake National Forest (Richfield or Loa)
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