IIC 2017 End of Season Gathering

On August 15, 2017, the IIC program celebrated the 2017 Season with our annual End of Season Gathering.

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Rowdy has participated in the IIC program for several years. He is the epitome of what this program is about. He is studing in the field of his internship, Range Management (graduating next year), and is being seriously considered for a permanent placement at his current internship site. Rowdy is a problem solver who has proven on multiple occasions that he can look at a situation and navigate to the correct solution, even when the situation is very complex and controversial. Rowdy is vital to the current success of his internship location and specialty. His Mentor sited that without him the Range, weeds, stock, and wild horse program would function a a much lower level than they currently do. The IIC staff has also had the pleasure to witness the potential of Rowdy.

  • Rookie of the Year: Joshua Hengel, National Park Service Zion

This is Josh’s first year as an IIC Intern. During his internship at Zion National Park Josh showed amazing ability to exceed expectations. Josh was concerned about the how well informed Zion outfitters were on flash flood safety. He took initiative and developed a survey to see how well trained individuals were in safety. The results have his survey have greatly impacted Zion National Park and their plans for future trainings on flash flood training.

  • Crew Leader of the Year: Carly Hales, National Park Service Cedar Breaks

Carly is on her second season with the IIC and has proven to be one of the Crew Programs greatest assets. Although technically only an Assistant Crew Leader, Carly not only filled in for both Cedar Breaks CIC & YCC as a Crew Leader multiple times, but also for the Cedar City Forest Service and Pipe Springs National Monument. Carly went the extra mile in teaching youth members new skills, helped them gain more confidence, and always maintained a positive attitude. She is a true leader in the field an excellent mentor for the youth program.

  • Crew Member of the Year: Angel Serrano, Cedar City Forest Service

Angel is extremely determined young man and has great skills in many areas such as the outdoors, tools, and automotive. Since his internship started, Angel showed commitment and passion on every occasion, even on days when Mentors were busy on the Brianhead Fire and his crew was left with minimal tasks to complete. Angel did not see this as a downfall and always showed up to work on time and found ways to challenge himself and his crew throughout. He has one of the kindest hearts you will find and was always compassionate towards all members of the YCC crew program.

  • Mentor of the Year: Dan Fletcher, Cedar City Bureau of Land Management 

Dan has been an active mentor in the IIC program for many years. He has worked hard to take initiative with his interns as well as in the IIC meetings. Dan was nominated by several of his interns who all shared really wonderful reasons for why Dan should be this year’s Mentor of the Year. Each intern focused on the fact that Dan works to educate each intern and takes the time to be a true mentor. Dan wants to see each of his intern succeed and takes a vested interest in their ultimate success.

Pipe has been a very involved partner this year, both with the crew program as well as individual interns. They have participating in problem solving on numerous occasion as well as showing initiative with the IIC and keeping in contact regarding budgets and other expectations. Specifically Fermin Salas has become a huge asset to the IIC program and strongly believes in the purpose of the program.

This photo represents what the IIC truly is. Showing YCC Crew Members on the Dixie National Forest, this photo displays smiling faces and positive emotions after a hard days work dispersing campfire rings on Cedar Mountain while covered in dust and dirt.

Photo Credit: Chris Walser, 2017 YCC Crew Leader

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