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 All 2018 BLM Direct Hire Internships Have Been Filled

Overview  The Intergovernmental Internship Cooperative (IIC) at Southern Utah University is proud to again be partnering with the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) to provide Direct Hire internship opportunities through the Resource Assistant Direct Hire program.

These 11 week rigorous Internships are designed to provide an in depth challenging experience that immerse the intern in career skills needed to succeed as a land manager. Interns will receive advanced level career training, experience, projects, and deliverables. Upon successful internship completion and college graduation, the intern is awarded a hiring authority certificate for non-competitive placement into a permanent career position with the BLM. These certificates become active once the intern graduates from a higher education degree program and are valid for use in career placement for up to two years. Recent college graduates may use these certificates beginning immediately after completion of the internship.




The BLM Resource Assistant Direct Hire internships are offered by the BLM as “an opportunity to bring new and diverse viewpoints to the Bureau while working on specific projects targeted for attracting, recruiting, and filling mission critical and hard-to-fill occupations.”

The BLM Direct Hire Authority is part of the Resource Assistant Internship Program.

Click on this link for program information and expectations:  PB NO. 12-15.

The Resource Assistant Internship Program encourages the recruitment and support for the following candidates:

 “Individuals who are in enrolled in an institution of higher education or are recent graduates from an institution of higher education, with particular attention given to ensure full representation of women and participants from historically Black, Hispanic, Asian Pacific Islander and Native American schools or other schools with diverse student populations.” 

The Resource Assistant Direct Hire Authority internships are a great opportunity to bring new and diverse viewpoints to the BLM. The IIC and the BLM are committed to attracting, recruiting, and hiring qualified candidates for mission critical and hard-to-fill occupations.

The  DHA-RAIP Bulletin No. 12-15 outlines program goals and objectives.
BLM Direct Hire Bulletin

Watch the following Videos to learn more about Direct Hire and the IIC.


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