Danessa Whittier


Crew Member of the CIC

Bryce Canyon National Park

Danessa has moved through the IIC tier programs, from a crew member on the IIC’s Career Internship Corps (CIC) to her present position as a multi-year vegetation Intern at Bryce Canyon National Park.  She has improved her interpersonal skills significantly through these experiences.  Upon her initial application for a crew member position several years ago, her interview skills were poor and SUU administrators were hesitant to approve her hire.  However IIC’s staff members saw her potential and  indeed it was greatness they found.  Beginning work with the CIC crew, Danessa quickly put to rest any doubt that she was indeed IIC material.  She worked very diligently and earned a reputation as a hard worker.  Through her success as a crew member, coupled with mentoring from her crew leader and IIC staff, she was able to build her confidence and drive to achieve more.  Danessa worked so well for Bryce in 2012 as an IIC intern, that they were insistent on getting her back for the 2013 season as an invaluable member of Bryce canyon’s Vegetation monitoring team.   We look forward to seeing Dannessa continue to progress into a career with the NPS. 

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